Summer free course on Marine Renewable Energy

6 – 8 June 2022


The University of Oviedo is hosting a three-day free training course (6th, 7th and 8th of June 2022) on Marine Renewable Energies.

The course aims to introduce participants to marine renewables, namely wind, currents, waves, tidal and solar. The course is directed to professionals and students with an interest in renewable energy sectors and will consist of 6 modules:

  1. Introduction.
  2. The marine environment and its renewable resources.
  3. Modelling, testing and demonstration of tidal turbines.
  4. Numerical modelling of floating marine technology.
  5. Structural design and analysis of marine technology.
  6. Fabrication of marine renewable energy technology.

The course will feature theory sessions, practical sessions, a technical visit and lunch/coffee breaks.

General info

  • Course delivered in Spanish/English, in a face-to-face format.
  • The course is free of charge!
  • Registration is limited to available seats (25).
  • Course venue: EPM campus, Mieres, Spain.

For additional information and registration, please contact