OpenPort event at the Port of Vigo | 22-23 Sept

In the framework of the PORTOS project and related to WP2 activities, the Port of Vigo will perform an OpenPort event in the context of the Green Energy Ports Conference. The goal of the event is present to the society what actions and decisions are currently being developed by ports, both in a national and international framework, in the fight against Climate Change.

The general topic of the conference is “The Green Deal, the role of ports“. These days will bring together representatives of regional, state, European and international ports.  Speechs will be focused on the EU Green Deal, whose objective is for Europe to have a clean economy, with zero emissions, and a good environmental status of our natural habitats. Topics related to PORTOS will be presented to promote the implementation of Marine Renewable Energies in the Atlantic Area, as a formula to contribute towards sustainable development. Moreover, topics about the Global Pact, EU reduction emissions goals, and other important topics related to sustainble practices in ports will be presented to the society.

Due to the COVID-19 situation and protocols, the Conference will be held in a hybrid way. The event will be held in “Edificio de Sesiones da Autoridade Portuaria” of the Port Authority of Vigo.

Around 30 speeches by national and international speakers are planned!