Experimental testing of model turbines

On June 29, 2020, the University of Oviedo research team joined forces with the  USC research team in the framework of the PORTOS project, to test and analyse the behavior of a variety of model turbines. The testing lasted for five days and it is part of a complete evaluation and optimization of  stream energy converter pilot technologies. This physical testing and the subsequent numerical modelling of this technology is performed for the purpose of optimizing river or tidal stream energy harvesting for the Shannon Foynes Port and other similar Atlantic Area ports.


Researchers from UNIOVI and USC

In the framework of WP6 : Action no. 3, physical models of different stream energy converters were tested in the wave-current flume of the Hydraulic Engineering laboratory of the USC, in Lugo, Spain. The objective of these tests was to characterize the performance of several turbines for stream energy converters that could be used in Atlantic Area ports.  The testing was successful, and results are expected to be disseminated soon.