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PORTOS aims to assess, develop and promote the integrated use of renewable energy resources in Atlantic Area ports and increase their energy efficiency, establishing a roadmap to a more competitive and sustainable sector.

Asturmadi RENEERGY
Organization name in English
Asturmadi RENEERGY

Partner skills
Asturmadi RENEERGY belongs to ASTURMADI BUSINESS GROUP whose activity in the international market exceeds 25
years and has more than a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing metal structures for solar projects.
Asturmadi RENEERGY has expertise in the application of European standards for products manufacturing and on the
development of supply chain processes regarding the construction and assembly of structures. The company is
developing a floating solar concept for marine applications, namely for providing to ports solar energy.

Transnational experience
Asturmadi RENEERGY developed more than 1.2GW of solar projects in 20 countries also outside the European Union,
as far as Mexico and Japan. Asturmadi RENEERGY implements international standards such as the UNE-EN 1090 and is
certified internationally for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015). The company is also investing in R&D at
national and international levels.

Role in the project
Asturmadi RENEERGY will be a partner that will contribute with advisory from the perspective of the solar industry,
providing assistance for the integration of solar energy in ports, namely floating solar photovoltaics, for relevant
aspects such as best implementation, supply chain, manufacturing and installation solutions.

Asturmadi RENEERGY will contribute to the investigation of the application of floating solar systems nearby case
study ports by providing support for the energy and economic estimates. In addition, Asturmadi RENEERGY will
provide aid for investigating best strategies for the development of renewable energy projects in case study ports
from the point of view of the supply chain, manufacturing and installation requirements. It will also perform a
preliminary critical assessment of the envisaged applications considering the specific characteristics of the selected
technologies, which will support a technology screening based on the port characteristics. Moreover, the company will
support the fine-tuning of technologies based on site conditions, specifications and technical requirements.

Contact person
Orlando Simancas Montoto
Travesía de la Industria, 51 · Polígono de las Arobias