Experimental testing of a novel FPV model

On February, 2023, the University of Oviedo research team joined forces with the  UPorto research team in the framework of the PORTOS project, to test and analyse the behavior of a novel technology designed to harvest the solar resources of the marine environment. The testing lasted for two weeks and the results were very promising. This sort of technology could potentally help ports reach energy self-sufficiency targets.


Although there are already proven technologies to harness marine renewable energies that only require being adjusted to the conditions of their installation site, new concepts are continuously being invented by academic, non-academic and industry inventors and entrepreneurs, which may not have enough resources to put their ideas forward.

The aim of WP4 is to make available the experimental facilities and knowledge of the partners to make the proof of concept of emerging technologies. This study was performed in the facilities of UPorto, and it was requested by Asturmadi Reneergy. A previous numerical study of the same technology was performed by Uniovi in the framework of WP4. Thus, the involved researchers from Uniovi visited the facilities of UPorto to carry out these joint experimental works.