Decision Support System

The development of an integrated decision aid and design tool to forecast renewable energies at ports is the main goal of Action 7.4 of WP7 of the PORTOS project. This tool is designed to aid in the selection of the best technologies for energy harvesting, and the best sites for their installation, considering the energy needs of the port. This tool is also useful to predesign the energy harvesting setup and to perform the economic analysis to support investment decision and their prioritization.

A decision support tool for ports.

Part of a roadmap towards energy self-sufficiency.

Competitivity and sustainability through marine renewable energies.

Wave energy

The capture of energy of wind waves to do useful work

Tidal energy

The form of hydropower that converts energy obtained from tides into useful power

Solar energy

Radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using solar panels

Wind energy

Wind farms constructed in the ocean to harvest energy and generate electricity

Marine renewable energy estimator

An artificial intelligence based software that robustly forecasts the power generation of renewable technologies is currently under development.