PORTOS Partners

PORTOS aims to assess, develop and promote the integrated use of renewable energy resources in Atlantic Area ports and increase their energy efficiency, establishing a roadmap to a more competitive and sustainable sector.

Universidad de Oviedo

Organization name in English
University of Oviedo

Partner skills
One of the main areas of expertise of UNIOVI is energy. In particular, researchers participating in PORTOS are experts in renewable marine energy, including the development of new technologies through numerical simulation and experimental techniques.

Transnational experience
UNIOVI participates in talent development programs in collaboration with the world’s leading universities and has participated in more than 65 international R&D projects. Its researchers are members of international networks in the field of renewable marine energies, such as INORE, and collaborate permanently with institutions around the world.

Role in the project
UNIOVI will be a project partner responsible for the strategic scope of communications with interested people and organizations and with society. UNIOVI will also contribute to the project with knowledge about innovative technologies for the use of renewable marine energies and, in particular, the energy produced by marine currents.

Contact person
Mario López Gallego
Escuela Politécnica de Mieres – Campus de Mieres, C/Gonzalo Gutiérrez Quirós, s/n, Mieres, Spain