PORTOS Partners

PORTOS aims to assess, develop and promote the integrated use of renewable energy resources in Atlantic Area ports and increase their energy efficiency, establishing a roadmap to a more competitive and sustainable sector.

Ecole D’ingénieurs En Génie Des Systèmes Industriels
Organization name in English
School of Engineers in Industrial Engineering

Partner skills
EIGSI has participated in several energy projects at National and European level (e.g., WAVENERGY, ENERGYMARE and TURNKEY) and has experience in coastal protection, marine energy and energy efficiency, as well as in project management.

Transnational experience
EIGSI transnational experience is supported by its participation in European projects related to the development and implementation of Energy Renewable devices and the identification of appropriate locations for the construction of power generation systems.

Role in the project
EIGSI will be a project partner that will contribute with its knowledge about innovative technologies for enhancing marine renewable energy exploitability.

Contact person
André Martinez
EIGSI, 26, rue de Vaux de Foletier, La Rochelle Cedex, France